Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Aruvikkara Dam: the Foster Child of Kerala Tourism

 Aruvikkara Dam, Trivandrum, Kerala

It may be its location. It may be its lack of coldness. Aruvikkara Dam once enjoyed its status as a good picnic spot, but now is a bushy land that no one wants to take a second look at.

A temple near the dam still attracts people, as the belief is that feeding the fish here with rice and flower is remedy for warts (yes that skin condition).

There is literally no option for a snack or refreshment, except for a DTPC restaurant. The surroundings of which too have wild bushes. I fear snakes and didn't get the courage to go walk to near the door of the restaurant.

I've been to Aruvikkara on Wednesday morning, running some errands. I had my camera with me and a quickly snapped some shots on the run. The immediate thought was to get away from the location as fast as possible, that is the amount of bush and thorn that has grown into the areas once preserved as a decent picnic spot. However, I shoot a few snaps, which turn out to be decent photographs. I wonder now why I didn't take more photos.

Reaching the place is equally difficult. You need to be extremely cautious on the road to this location. The road is full of potholes. Luckily I ride a two-wheeler and I could somehow maneuver through the sides of the potholes. Still it was tough task not hurting my backbone.

It will not be too much of an exaggeration to carry a bag, so that you will not lose your vertebrae on the road.

If you want road adventure, the most dangerous of them all, welcome to Aruvikkara Dam.

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