Monday, July 04, 2011

National Treasure Now in Kerala Capital

Reading reports of treasure trove at Padmanabhaswami Temple in Thiruvananthapuram is as incredible as watching the film National Treasure, starred by Nicholas Cage. Oh, WSJ calls it: A Kerala Temple’s ‘Indiana Jones’ Moment.

Go through a few news reports from around the world. I can't tell anything about the discovering without sounding exaggerated.

Daily Mail UK: Treasure trove of jewels, coins and other valuables 'worth billions' is unearthed in Indian temple

Reuters: Huge treasure trove discovered under southern Indian Hindu temple

Mirror UK: Treasure found beneath Indian temple

Irish Times: Indian treasure worth €1bn recovered from vault unopened for 140 years

The Australian: Indian temple yields treasure

Voice of America: Treasure Worth Billions Found in Indian Temple Treasure trove discovered in Indian temple

The Voice of Russia: Multibillion-dollar treasure found in Indian temple

It appears press around the world is celebrating the National Treasure. Treasures in Pyramids of Egypt may be bigger. Haven't heard anything comparable in recent times.

Will they display all the finds in a museum so that tourists from around the world can be mesmerized? I wish so. We may not be like Indiana Jones. But, we surely like to see a treasure.