Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Athapoo 2011 Welcome to Onam

Today is Atham (a day in Malayalam calender) and on the tenth day of today is Thiruvonam (Onam).

Athappoo (also called athapoo, athappookkalam, onapookkalam, etc), is certain floral arrangement that people create based on certain athapoo designs. Pookalam designs remained a simple affair for several decades.

Then came athappoo competitions and we started seeing complex athappoo designs.

Children make this athapoo in front of their homes or on the roadsides to welcome Onam. When you see flowers everywhere, you know Onam is at the door.

Dear friends, I wish you smashing Onam celebrations :)

Athapoo -(click on image for larger size)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Tamarind Hotel, Restaurant at Neyyar Dam

After several hours of boredom at home, my wife and I set out and reached Neyyar Dam for a relaxing afternoon.

The crocodile breeding center had an off day, but we could see a small herd of spotted deer at the Deer Rehabilitation center. We also spent some hours walking over the dam, spending some time at the park, and climbing the observation tower.

tamarind ktdc hotel neyyar dam
KTDC Hotel Neyyar Dam
When we thought about tea and some refreshments, I felt like there isn't any decent hotel at all. I have seen the Tamarind Restaurant run by KTDC (Kerala Tourism Development Corporation), but haven't tried it till now. It is a budget hotel and with a decent restaurant.

While waiting for our food to arrive, we could watch motor boats taking off in different directions in the reservoir, while a cool breeze from the lake caressed our faces.

And, the food is nice and not very costly, we enjoyed a nice eating experience after quite some time.

The Food is Nice