Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Trip to Alappuzha Backwaters

I doubt if I am a real traveller because at times I don't go anywhere special for a long time. Last Saturday was different and I decided to take my lovely wife on a trip through the pristine backwaters of Kerala. We stayed inside a boat plying between Kottayam and Alappuzha, for almost the whole day. Travelling from Kottayam to Alappuzha costs only Rs.10/- per person and we had a great day, enjoying the fresh air, greenery and the most relaxed travel experience of quite some time.

Well, the boat left Kottayam (Kodimatha is the place) at 11.30 AM and reached Alappuzha (Aleppey) at 2.00 PM. The boat would return in 30 minutes.

In between, we fully enjoyed the still waters and felt once again marvelled at the sight of farmlands situated below water levels. I wonder how on earth do they keep water away at the paddy fields of R-Block or Kuttanad stretch. The water, on which the boats ply just don't ooze into the paddy fields. I wonder how they keep it that way.

The lake (Vembanad Lake) contains several islands, which have day restaurants, from where you can enjoy some Kuttanadan delicacies including 'Karimeen' (pearl spot fish), 'Konchu' (freshwater shrimp), 'Kappa' (tapioca), and a lot more. For boozing, there is 'kallu' (toddy). The abundance of coconut palms make sure there is no shortage of this natural liquor. (Well, my wife is a vegetarian and we had a super quick meal at a vegetarian restaurant near the boat yard in Alappuzha).

A houseboat near a paddy field in Kuttanadu Backwaters

Well, I am posting a few photos of Vembanad Lake, the most famous of Kerala backwaters. The camera was new and I was not used to its function. I could salvage only a few of the 400 plus photos I have taken. So, please bear with me on the quality of the photos.
Houseboats are aplenty in Alappuzha
A Church as seen from the boat
OK guys, that is all for today and for a few weeks to come. Special thanks to all my readers who like my little blog called Kerala Traveller.