Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kerala Butterfly Safari Park Thenmala

Asia's first butterfly safari park goes open in Thenmala, Kollam district of Kerala. The 3.5 hectare artificially created expanse attracts different species of butterflies. The butterfly safari park atmosphere simulates natural habitat for butterflies of almost all the different species. The park is now filled with action of winged beauties.

The butterfly safari park is designed by Kerala Forest Research Institute, set up by Thenmala Eco Tourism Promotion Society and funded by Kerala Tourism Department. KFRI scientist George Mathew, the chief architect of the butterfly park confirms appearance of 125 different species, including rare butterflies in the park.

Butterfly safari park has got a variety of plants to attract butterflies. Different species of butterflies have their own favourite species of plants. The park also has rich variety of shrubs and leafy trees. Water sprinklers and artificial puddles inside the butterfly safari park ensure humid atmosphere suited for butterfly breeding.

Visitors to the butterfly safari park will also get a chance to closely witness the lifecycle of various species of butterflies. The butterfly park also has plans to promote the idea of mini-butterfly parks at every home, which would help in conservation of butterfly variety.

[Absence of photographs regretted. I'll add photographs of the butterfly safari park after a visit to the place, which will happen sooner than later.]


  1. how to reach this place ..and whats the right time to visit

  2. Thank you for your visiting my blog. I am sorry I didn't include travel directions in the post.

    How to reach Thenmala:
    Thenmala is near Punalur in Kollam dist.
    From Trivandrum (76km): KSRTC buses are available once every hour from Trivandrum Central bus station (buses are Thenkasi, Aryankavu and Thenmala).

    Visitors from northern parts of Kerala can reach via Punalur.

    Visitors from Tamil Nadu can reach via Thenkasi.

    If it is not a rainy day, any day of the year is good. I can't tell because, for some time now, we don't know when it rains.

  3. is der any place to stay ???

  4. Very nice information. Thank you for sharing..