Saturday, September 13, 2008

Athapoo Contest by The Hindu MetroPlus Thiruvananthapuram

On Sep 9 was a nice athapoo contest conducted by The Hindu MetroPlus at Women's College, Thiruvananthapuram. There were 51 athappoo designs created by individual groups and different organizations. It was a real visual treat to see as much onam floral decorations at one place.

For those people who are unsatisfied about the little options of hangouts in Thiruvananthapuram, such occasions are fine choices. Here I post a few of the photographs I have snapped from the contest.

athapoo, onappookkalamOver the years, I have seen several thousands of athapoo designs and the curious thing is that two designs are never identical. It appears, that every group (however small it is) has a fine artist, who can create floral decoration designs at will.

athapoo designs, athamathappoo, athapoo designNeedless to say, each one of the design is a wonderful floral art in its own merit. There were 51 of them.

Vijay Yesudas & his wife Darsana
Vijay Yesudas and his wife were the chief guests of the event.

visitors enjoying athapoo; a scene from The Hindu, MetroPlus Athapoo Contest 2008The pookalam contest organized by Metro Plus (the supplement of) The Hindu attracted people from far and near.

I was so happy I could experience the festival vibe at this venue, although most of my attention has been on photographing the details.

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