Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kanyakumari (Cape Comerin) Tamil Nadu

Kanyakumari (Cape Comerin) is the southern most tip of peninsular India. The location is so special in many ways. It is the meeting point of three seas – Bay of Bengal in the East, Indian Ocean in the South and Arabian Sea in the west. This place also offers you see sunrise and sunset (over the sea) at the same location.

Thiruvalluvar statue & Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Cape Comerin, KanyakumariIn addition to the sunrise and sunset, the main attractions are the Kanyakumari Temple (Devi Kanyakumari is the deity), Vivekananda Rock (where Swami Vivekananda meditated) and Gandhi Memorial (the place where Mahatma Gandhi's ashes was briefly kept before submersing in the holy spot).

The architecture of Gandhi memorial follows Indian temple architecture style. A unique distinction of the memorial is that on October 2 (Gandhiji's birthday), the rays of sun fall on the place, where the urn with Gandhi's ashes was kept. Sun rays don't fall at the place on other days of the years.

The Vivekananda Rock Temple has a dhyana mandapam (a meditation place), which offers you the most peaceful atmosphere, even as the outside is buzzing with big crowds.

You can't miss the 133 ft tall statue of Tiruvalluvar, an epic Tamil poet and the Vivekananda Rock memorial, which are both seen just off the shore towards south east.

the foot of 133ft tall Thiruvalluvar StatueYou might wonder why I said about Kanyakumari in Kerala Tourist. The reason is historical and geographical. Historically, the whole of Kanyakumari district was part of today's Kerala (the then Travancore-Cochin state) until 1956, before it was amalgamated to Tamil Nadu based on the majority Tamil population here. After Nagercoil, Thiruvananthapuram is the major city nearest to Kanyakumari. Nagercoil is 30Km away, while Thiruvananthapuram is 60Km away. Thiruvananthapuram is also the connecting point, as the nearest airport is in Thiruvananthapuram, 86Km away.

Most importantly, from the deep blue seas of Kanyakumari to the thick greenery of Kerala, it is a memorable journey. The places en route include Padmanabhapuram palace at Thakkala, Thiruvattar Aqueduct (the biggest of its kind in India), Thripparappu water falls, Udayagiri Fort, Vattakkottai, Pechippara Dam, etc. These are all places, full of greenery and capable of making you feel like you are in Kerala.

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