Friday, July 24, 2009

Kovalam Beach Photos

Kovalam, the beautiful beach of Kerala attracts tourists from all parts of the world.

It used to be dominated by foreign tourists. It still does in the months October to February. Now it is time for the local tourists to enjoy the beauty of Kovalam beach, which attracts people from far away.

Here are a few pictures from Kovalam beaches - Eve's Beach and Adam's Beach, which is also known as Light House Beach. The Light House beach is a changed lot. The beach used to be the venue for several hundreds of white-skinned people to take a sunbath and to tan their skins. Now, the sea (Arabian Ocean) has eaten most of the beach.

A group of youngsters from Thirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, enjoying the evening at Eve's Beach Kovalam.
  Young men enjoying the sun and the waters.
  Majority of local visitors prefer staying back at the shore and enjoy the sporting activities of people who don't mind some salt water in their mouths.
  A little sporty of act, without which, life can get boring.
Every sunset is different. Here, I enjoyed the silhouette.
Sun saying goodbye to another day. Maybe, just going to lighten up other parts of the earth. My camera got this sunset at Kovalam beach on Friday.
The lighthouse beach, Kovalam. Mostly deserted.  
Another silhouette, but the sun has already left.


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