Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tripunithura Hill Palace Photos

Here are a few photos I have taken while visiting Tripunithura Hill Palace, Ernakulam the other day. Read the post on Tripunithura Hill Palace.

A view of Garden in front of Hill Palace, Kochi

 Getting out and seeing new places has been my hobby, for which I am dedicating very little time now a days.

However, when I feel like it, there nothing stopping me from getting out and reaching the place I plan to visit.

This visit to Tripunithura Hill Palace has been a very unplanned one.

 There seems more than few dozen buildings - all built in the traditional architecture style.

One of the buildings had a thularithara (a platform to grow a tulsi (holy basil) plant, which is a common sight of old houses in the state.

The plant has great medicinal values.
 The carpenters would have done a great job, making the frames on which to lay the tiles. Under the tiled roof, you don't need AC to escape from the boiling sun.
 The photograph on the left and the one above that shows the path from inside the palace to the pond, where the palace people used take a bath.

By the sight of it, the original of this structure was damaged and destroyed, replaced with a relatively new one.
 A scene from the garden. click to see it big.
Another scene of the garden. It is simply great.
 A side of the palace.
 Tripunithura Hill Palace is welcoming with the exteriors filled with plants.
 A view of the hill palace.
 The terraced garden of Tripunithura hill palace. You can see the place on the background.
The trees in the compound keeps it cool, even under sun.

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  1. What a cool Place,I love it.thanks for nice post.

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