Sunday, March 19, 2006

Aruvikkara Dam – Pathetic Face of Kerala Tourism

Situated 16km from Thiruvananthapuram city, Aruvikkara Dam site used to be a preferred tourism location. Now you can describe the condition of this place in a single word – pathetic.

There was a good park, which now is home to some snakes and big groves –may be preserving nature.

Major portion of water supply to Thiruvananthapuram City is catered from here. The location has some greenery left, the blue spread of reservoir and the artificial waterfall is also a nice thing to see. On the banks of this Aruvi (stream by meaning) is a Devi temple. Devi Aruvikkara. The fish in the river is believed to be owned by the deity of the temple. A usual ritual here is feeding the fish with rice, flower and peanuts – this could heal warts in skin.

It is impossible to swim and very dangerous to take a bath because of innumerable rocks that have huge curve-ins.

There is a KTDC restaurant – one has to do some ‘research’ to find the place. The only solace to people visiting the place is regular KSRTC bus services connecting the city – you feel it less adventurous to run over the slippery, sharp rocks inside the river.

Let me stop here…

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  1. Hey go on and tell us more.
    Why stop in mid stream
    If you do not pour out your
    Feelings and observations
    then how will change ever come ?

  2. Hey Ezee Dude,

    I stopped midway only because I hate negative talks - both hearing, reading and talking.

    But while I did wrote about this place, Aruvikkara I lost all the control - that is the pathetic treatment this place gets.

    Thank you for coming over and leaving a comment.

  3. Good comment. I did visit the dam site a few weeks ago. What you said is exactly true. The place has some natural beauty, that in the hands of an enlightened Tourism Authority would have done wonders. I heard that there was some plan to re-develop the area, especially with cable cars to the nearby Island. Have you heard anything about this?