Friday, March 17, 2006

Lively Serene Veli Lake

Veli Lake near Thiruvananthapuram is a favorite haunt of local tourists. The place is blessed with a calm serene atmosphere. The atmosphere gets livened up with the children, family groups and ‘love-birds’.

Children’s park, floating bridge to the island, a newly made floating restaurant, boating, swimming and water-sports opportunities make Veli Lake a lively place in Thiruvananthapuram tourism map.

Veli Lake where the lake and Arabian Sea meets is a place to be in –with your loved and near ones of course.

Kerala tourism department has spent most money and efforts for the beautification of this tourism village. Aesthetically laid pavements, placement of trees among lawns bear testimony to this fact.

People who throng here in the evening never miss the evenings that paint the western sky with different shades of orange-red and a perfect sunset.

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